Qube Renderfarm: Nuke


Farm rendering from Nuke is currently supported for Nuke 12.2 and earlier under Linux only. Will be expanded in the future to include Nuke13 and later.


Basic Steps:


  1. Launch NukeX and open your script. Ensure you have at least one Write node, and select the one you want to process on the farm.
  2. From the top menu go to Render -> Qube -> Render Selected (batch)mceclip0.png
  3. You shouldn't need to change many options, frame range will be taken from the project settings for the active script
  4. Click Submit at the bottom


  • To view the progress of your job, go to Render -> Qube -> Launch GUI
  • Left-click your job in the list to view its current status



  • Your paths must resolve in Linux, paths containing Windows drives such as X: and U: will fail
  • If your job has an error, you can use the Stdout Log and Stderr Log tabs on the right pane to view what the error was




Please contact Support (not Student Services) if you need help understanding why your job is not working

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