Remote Workstation Troubleshooting

After you have made a successful connection to the Escape VPN, you then have the possibility to connect using the HP ZCentral Remote Boost client to control an Escape workstation. You should follow the instructions you have been provided in order to make the connection, this page can be referred to if you have any issues not covered there.

Do not send technical support requests regarding the VPN to Student Services or Student Experience, they will not be able to help you with these issues other than forwarding them to us



ZCentral:  Error "The receiver resolved the specified hostname or IP address, but cannot connect to the sender" or "Remote Computer or its software needs attention"

This is an error with many possible causes.


  • Windows: If this is your first time trying to connect and it has never worked before, you may not have successfully completed the final step which comes after you make a successful connection to the VPN. See this document for troubleshooting that specific issue (you'll need to log in with your PCL portal account)
  • Make sure you are successfully connected to the Escape VPN.
  • You should make sure you are attempting to connect to the correct IP address. If you have been given a specific IP address in the past, you should disregard that and use the "Workstation Availability" spreadsheet to find one. If you do not have access to this, reply to the ticket that originally gave you the connection details, and we will provide a link
  • You should choose an address marked "Available". Note that if you reboot a machine from Linux to Windows or vice versa, the IP address will likely change and you should use the new one



ZCentral: Error "The receiver failed to verify the sender you are attempting to connect to and make a secure connection"


This can occur when a setting is configured incorrectly.

Click the cog icon and in Connection -> Sender Verification, change to "Auto accept"





ZCentral: Error "Authorization failed"


This occurs "When you attempt to connect to another user's desktop" - i.e. someone is already logged into the computer you are trying to access.

If you are trying to log in with your own account, please find another available workstation - this one is already in use.

If you are trying to join a screen share with a friend or colleague, they haven't responded quickly enough to the dialogue displayed on their desktop asking them to allow your connection, or clicked Deny instead of Accept.



MacOS: Error "'HP RGS Receiver.pkg' can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" error when attempting to install


This error occurs due to the "Gatekeeper" functionality in OS X Catalina.

It should be possible to right-click the installer and choose "Open" rather than double-clicking it. Future versions will likely be signed by HP to avoid this step.


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